Spoke 3 presents the series of seminars: Climate emergency and sustainability paths for SMEs

Ciclo di seminari: Emergene climatica e immagini si sostenibilità per le PMi

From 06 November to 18 December 2023, at the Department of Economics of the University of Insubria located in Via Monte Generoso 71 in Varese, Spoke 3 - Tourism and Culture Industry, with the coordination of Prof. Rossella Locatelli will hold a series of seminars entitled: "Climate emergency and sustainability paths for SMEs".

Six meetings which can be attended both in person and remotely and which will focus on the climate emergency and the significant effects that the latter has on the environment and on living and working conditions. Within the framework of the Paris Agreements and the European Green Deal, a complex set of rules has been developed aimed at directing the economic system towards a sustainability process in view of the objective of climate neutrality by 2050.

The series of seminars addresses the theme of sustainable transition through concrete cases in the fashion, textile and culture sectors, with the aim of increasing the awareness of SMEs on the opportunities and risks that this transformation process entails. During the meetings, operational tools for managing the transition process will also be presented.

The business system is directly and indirectly affected by sustainability regulation, with regards to both reporting and communication and the adoption of virtuous behaviour. The credit system in turn is subject to regulatory interventions aimed at evaluating the impact of physical risks on its portfolio. For SMEs, even in cases where the rules are not directly applicable, the overall effects are equally significant and binding, due to supply relationships and supply chain agreements. For this reason, it is essential that SMEs do not underestimate the changes required and that they proactively and promptly face the many necessary changes.




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