Spoke 7 - Who we are

Spoke 7 contributes to innovating the agribusiness system in the Northwest by introducing digital and sustainable approaches to food processing.

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Spoke 7 main themes: HEALTHY, GREEN and SMART FOOD

The partners of Spoke 7 are Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences, Polytechnic University of Turin, University of Turin, University of Pavia, MIAC - Agrifood Pole as a strategic partner and University of Palermo as a partner for Southern Italy. These are entities active on the 3 main themes, applicable to agrifood supply chains of excellence in the "NODES" area:


  • "HEALTHY" food: safe, healthy and high quality food productions
  • "GREEN" food:  sustainable food productions through the application of circular economy principles and the systemic paradigm in both processing and consumption styles
  • "SMART" food: intelligent systems and new processes and tools for food processing supported by the new paradigms of Industry 4.0 and 5.0

In our vision, strengthening the food production system will:


  • enable new environmental and social challenges to be addressed from an ecological, systemic and global perspective
  • make it possible to contribute to the repositioning of the secondary agro-industrial sector in a period of accelerated transformation of production structures at all territorial levels
  • maximize the positive impact on society by developing new consumption patterns and sustainable lifestyles
  • promote new communication models to inform and educate consumers about sustainable food production
We must be able to support the challenges of sustainability and digital transformation in the processes of secondary agoindustry

Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of the local food system in terms of safety, quality and added value of food products, through digitization, circularity, sustainability of the supply chain, growth of the skills of those working in the sector and the creation of new and innovative entrepreneurship.


The territory covered by the NODES ecosystem is characterized by high quality agrifood and livestock production. An entrepreneurial milieu - composed of a few large, globally operating agribusiness processors and hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises often with an established reputation in the market and capable of achieving remarkable quality standards - operates in this territory.


Global warming and the economic crisis are forcefully accelerating the transformations that the agricultural world undertook at the end of the last century: we must therefore be able to support the challenges of sustainability and digital transformation that many productive sectors need to bring about changes in production processes and orientations: and the response to these global challenges can only take place through an "ecosystem" approach.


Through the cascade funding calls and other business initiatives, Spoke 7 aims to revitalize companies in the Northwest and Southern Italy active in the Secondary Agroindustry sector, particularly by helping to increase the contribution of the research community to this sector.