Spoke 5 is involved in projects regarding INNovative Diagnostics and therApeutics for regeNerAtive medicine and Technology INtegration in healthCARE. 

Spoke5_regenerative medicine
Telemedicine, Health and local health services; digitization and patient monitoring; preventive healthcare including nutrition, development and testing of functional foods and food supplements.
Innovative and digital strategies for the care of frail subjects 

The activity aims to: 

Drive local companies towards the development and scale-up of hardware and software that can assist physician in the provision of telemedicine and telerehabilitation alongside reinforcement of territorial assistance. Furthermore, care models are needed for the involvement of clinicians, nurses and social workers in providing home care for frail/vulnerable individuals;

Digitize the healthcare system (development of platforms able to fully integrate and respect the privacy of generated clinical data) promoting the development of wearable devices and digital tools capable of monitoring the different physiological parameters and functional aspects of fragile subjects;

Define a tailored approach for individual patients from a nutritional point of view. This requires both a more precise definition of individual needs and the development of food supplements able to correct individual nutritional deficiencies.  

Spoke 5 attività
Advanced diagnostics; support in the development and advanced certification of medical devices; regenerative medicine; development and delivery of drug discovery.
Innovative and sustainable diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

The activity aims to: 

Promote the development and market take-up of new nanoparticles and contrast agents that can improve diagnostic performance and solve the availability and sustainability problems of traditional contrast agents; 

Support SMEs in the development of certifies medical devices; 

Support regenerative medicine that aims to develop new extracellular matrices and tissues useful for tissue regeneration;

Assist in the production of new drug delivery systems to improve the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of existing molecules or new drugs.