Spoke 4 - About us

We are a team of innovation actors who strongly believe that the performance of businesses in mountainous areas can be enhanced through the proper utilization of digital technologies.

Spoke 4 - chi siamo
We reinvent new strategies to combat socio-economic and demographic impoverishment.

The Alpine region of Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, and Lombardy, as well as the Apennine region of Basilicata, are facing significant challenges. In addition to the need for increasing digital and ecological transitions, they also experience trends such as aging population and emigration, which are typical of mountainous areas. These regions must reinvent their productive and development strategies to avoid socio-economic and demographic depletion.
From focusing on increasing renewable energy production to developing systems for greater energy efficiency; from researching smart systems to support workflow in companies to integrated management of mountain areas and communities; from digitalization of processes to remote work and distance learning: the activities of Spoke 4 are aligned with these challenges.


Digitalization for efficient and sustainable use of water and energy resources, for greater sustainability of production processes, and for a more convenient life in the Alpine region. Revitalizing innovation to extend the benefits of technology to businesses, workers, and civil society, including other areas within the NODES ecosystem regions.

Spoke 4 - chi siamo

Finding appropriate solutions for the development of businesses operating in mountainous regions, as well as attracting new companies and people to these areas. Encouraging the use of digital technologies to reshape mountainous regions into resilient workspaces with a high quality of life, greater energy efficiency, and improved social and environmental sustainability.

Implementing the sustainability of productions in mountain areas


The objectives of Spoke 4 are linked to the experimentation of innovative solutions to improve the digital content of businesses and to implement sustainability in production within mountainous areas through three interconnected main lines of action:


Innovative smart working: this involves modernizing company processes through the adoption of the latest digital technologies, while complying with rules and procedures related to data security.

Innovative digital tools for resource and energy infrastructure management, with a particular focus on hydric resources.


New organizational models for society and the regeneration of mountainous territories. This includes exploring new ways of organizing communities and revitalizing the socio-economic fabric of mountain regions.