Spoke 5 - About us

The University of Eastern Piedmont (UPO) is the Lead Partner, located in its three campus cities (Alessandria, Novara and Vercelli). It is at the forefront of Italian research, especially in the medical sciences. 

Spoke 5 chi siamo
We offer two lines of industrial research and tecnology transfer: care for vulnerable individuals and innovative and sustainable diagnosis and therapies.

We deal with the Health Industry and Silver Economy, inspired by the ecological transition model and digital transition processes. We aim to achieve a strong social and territorial impact, and to increase the quality of human capital. 


We offer two lines of industrial research and technology transfer:


Care for vulnerable individuals. We develop the fields of telemedicine and territorial health services; we aim at digitalization of the healthcare system and patient monitoring; we support preventive healthcare also from a nutritional point of view. 


Innovative and sustainable diagnosis and therapies. We promote advanced diagnostics through contrast agents; and facilitate advanced development and certification of medical devices. We also study regenerative medicine and work towards the discovery and release of new drug. 


«One Planet, One Health». In our world, everything is interconnected. We aim to develop a health model that recognises the interdependence between human health, the animal and plant world, and the entire environment that hosts us, making everyone responsible for treatment and prevention. We want to live well in a healthy and natural environment; for this reason, we try to make the ''hard'' sciences interact with the psychological development and well-being of the person, nature and nutrion. 




We support the sustainable and inclusive growth of the regions involved, and of the business activities within them, through the creation and development of research and technology-driven chains, new products and processes for SMEs, the establishment of ''Deep-Tech'' start-ups and spin-offs, and the training of human resources. 

Spoke 5 Chi siamo

1. Identify SMEs, large companies, and start-ups from the North-West of Italy wich demonstrate the appropriate skills to support activities, through participation in tenders;

2. Generate awareness of the potential and benefits of the proposed activities and consequent information flow through the media; 

3. Inform the academic community at both nation al international level about the Spoke's research.