Università della Valle D'Aosta
Università della Valle d’Aosta

The University of Valle d'Aosta promotes science and higher education with great attention to cultural growth and the development of the Val d'Aosta territory.


The University of Valle d’Aosta coordinates Spoke 4

Logo Università degli Studi di Torino
Università di Torino

UniTO, founded in 1404, is a large Italian university with a multidisciplinary approach and 27 departments. It boasts excellent educational and research programs in the fields of science, economics, and social sciences.


The University of Turin promotes research on renewable energies, cultural heritage, circular economy, and the bioeconomy of rural communities.

Politecnico di Torino
Politecnico di Torino

The Polytechnico of Turin is one of the most prominent universities in Europe for engineering and architecture studies. It is strongly committed to collaborating with the industry.


The Polytechnic of Turin will provide the expertise and tools to transform research into digital innovation, starting from a Digital Twin for energy sustainability.

Research foundations
Logo Links
LINKS (Leading Innovation & Knowledge for Society Foundation)

LINKS aims to promote innovation processes in the technical-scientific disciplines of digital technologies and territorial development.


LINKS Foundation aims to contribute to technological and socio-economic progress through advanced processes of applied research.

Fondazione Montagna Sicura logo
Fondazione Montagna Sicura

Fondazione Montagna Sicura dedicates its activities to the study of phenomena and issues related to the mountain environment.


Fondazione Montagna Sicura deals with the analysis of hydrogeological risks, the promotion of pilot tests and best practices, and the impact of climate change on the cryosphere.

Partner for Southern Italy
Logo Università della Basilicata
Università degli Studi della Basilicata

The University of Basilicata, active since 1982, with 4 departments and 2 schools in the cities of Potenza and Matera, is a young and dynamic institution characterized by its commitment to scientific research and technological innovation. It places particular emphasis on the valorization of the natural and cultural resources of the Basilicata region.