Spoke 1 - Who we are

Spoke 1, Aerospace and Sustainable Mobility, is coordinated by Politecnico di Torino and involves collaboration between universities, research centers, and organizations that support innovation and innovative entrepreneurship, with the aim of supporting the competitiveness of the companies in the ecosystem.

Spoke 1 chi siamo
Supporting the transition to new industrial paradigms

Spoke 1 focuses on the technology domains of Aerospace and the new Sustainable Mobility, for which the ecosystem has a strong industrial and skills heritage. These domains are now involved in a process of radical transformation globally both in technologies and business models. The goal of the Spoke is to support this transition to new industrial paradigms through technology transfer activities and new skills development.

The Spoke operates through three Flagship projects to support innovation capabilities, related to systems and technologies for space, with particular reference to the small satellite sector (SPACE4YOU), processes for generating storage and use of green hydrogen for mobility (H2Mobility), and innovative systems for managing and charging vehicles for electric mobility (ELECTRO).




The Spoke works to increase the capacity of ecosystem players to innovate in products, processes and business models, to seize the opportunities of structural changes in aerospace and sustainable mobility based on new energy carriers.
To consolidate and root in the territory a cluster of large companies, SMEs, start-ups and research centers capable of playing a leadership role at the international level, also developing new industrial chains in technology-intensive sectors.

The involvement of enterprises in the ecosystem will be ensured by the launch of funding calls

The Spoke supports the innovation capacity of the ecosystem through applied research activities oriented to domains and priorities of industrial interest, stimulating the development of innovation projects in SMEs, improving professional skills, and supporting the creation of new companies.

The involvement of enterprises in the ecosystem will be ensured by the launch of funding calls for collaborative research activities, bringing an idea closer to the market, taking advantage of services provided by research centers, increasing the skills of company personnel.


Spoke 1 chi siamo
We have at heart the development and dissemination of technological skills
  • Fostering the transfer of technology and know-how from the university to the industrial sector by expanding the network of collaborations between companies, large and small, research centers and innovation clusters

  • Increase the involvement of SMEs in collaborative applied research activities useful for increasing technology intensity and local and international competitiveness

  • Support the development and dissemination of technological and managerial skills for improved or new capabilities better suited to new needs, to seize the opportunities of new transitions (up-skilling and re-skilling)

  • Support the emergence of innovative startups, to plant the right seeds for the growth of the territory, building on the young and pioneering minds we already have.