Spoke 6 - About us

Network of universities, public research institutions, and local entities for the sustainable development of agricultural territories through digital innovation systems.

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Digital technologies for the sustainability of agricultural production

Spoke 6 promotes the development of digital technologies aimed at improving the sustainability of agricultural production for industrial transformation. The activities are divided into two flagship projects:

The first project focuses on the integrated supply chain of forage, livestock, and biogas for the smart, resilient, circular, and diversified development of the agro-livestock sector. Its goal is to ensure food security and the socio-economic sustainability of dairy and cheese food chains.

The second project is dedicated to vineyard management for grape and wine production. It applies Big Data expertise and remote sensing acquisition systems to the wine industry, aiming to develop production and consumption models based on the principles of agro-industry and precision agriculture.

We are committed to developing new models of production and consumption to generate tangible benefits for society

Spoke 6 actively promotes investment in innovation to ensure the accessibility of new technologies for businesses in the agro-industrial sector. Its primary objective is to foster collaboration between companies and research institutions, aiming to identify and develop novel production and consumption models that benefit society at large.

This approach becomes increasingly crucial in addressing the ongoing transformation faced by the agro-industry due to factors such as globalization, population growth, and the impact of climate change.

Spoke 6 chi siamo

Through an interdisciplinary approach based on three major technological segments, Spoke 6 aims to develop sensing and mapping systems, communication and data collection methods, as well as data processing and service development.

In addition to its research mission, Spoke 6 also embraces a social mission by attracting young researchers and students who will become key players in the transfer of knowledge related to digital technologies and socio-environmental sustainability.

The primary goal is to establish pilot projects aimed at testing and validating new technologies and business models that contribute to sustainability

Spoke 6, "Primary Agro-industry," focuses on the agricultural sector of the food industry in northwestern Italy. This initiative adopts a multidisciplinary approach to address specific challenges and needs within the agro-industrial sector.

The objective is to create pilot projects to test new technologies and business models that enhance the sustainability, management, safety, and resilience of agricultural production. Additionally, Spoke 6 aims to promote the adoption of digital technologies by sharing methods for data processing and extracting social, economic, and environmental value with Lombardy and Piedmont-based companies. It encourages the use of digital technologies to improve their production processes and data management.