Spoke 2 - Flagship Projects

Discover the Flagship Project of Spoke 2, "GRIP," and the Research Modules (RM) of the project.

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Green processes for Industrial Productions and cost-effective effluents valorisation

Implement and apply Circular Economy principles to both up stream and down stream processes to achieve sustainable industrial production processes.


NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM1

Circular waste, treatment of organic and mineral residues

Do you work in the construction and demolition industry? Are you innovators in the field of ceramic materials? Are you looking for soil without agricultural depletion? Research Module 1 - GRIP is converting waste for you!


NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM2

Platform for the treatment of solid and liquid agri-food waste

Are you searching for new ingredients for functional foods and dietary supplements? Research Module 2 of the GRIP project is creating value for you!


NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM3

Waste Treatment Platform for the Chemical Industry and Separate Collection

Sustainable textile supply chain, reverse logistics, plastic material recycling: what interests you? Research Module 3 of the GRIP project is filled with exciting innovations for you!


NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM4

Wastewater Treatment Platform

How many wastewater treatment techniques are you familiar with? Are you ready to recover metals and chemicals and reuse treated water? Research Module 4 of the GRIP project has some unexpected allies for you!

NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM5

CO2 Capture and Conversion Platform: Biochemical, Chemocatalytic, and Electrochemical Conversion Processes

Multiple conversion pathways and new catalysts can give a new reputation to one of the major contributors to global warming. Curious? Research Module 5 of the GRIP project can capture you too!



NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM6

Framework System

What is the way to effectively transition from the current linear production system to a circular one? Is your company interested in changing its traditional business model? Research Module 6 of the GRIP project can guide you in the right direction!


NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM7

Recovery and Valorization of Vegetable Waste from Agro-Forestry Activities

What about pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and biopesticides derived from waste and by-products of the agro-forestry industry? Research Module 7 of the GRIP project extracts bioactive products for you!


NODES - Spoke 2 - Flagship Project GRIP - RM8

The Social Impact of Urban Waste Management

How to consider the social impact of urban waste management? Why and how to invest in it? Research Module 8 of the GRIP project deals with the valuable Public Value!