Spoke 6 promotes the sustainable and technological development of businesses and the enhancement of human capital in the primary agro-industry sector

Spoke 6_ formidabile
Internationalization, sustainability, and dissemination of new technologies
Spoke 6 in a nutshell: activities for society, businesses, and the environment

Spoke 6 promotes research, innovation, and training activities in collaboration with universities and companies. Specifically:


Demand-driven training to enhance awareness of technological alternatives, their benefits, costs, and associated risks related to sustainability investments (Competence Booster). 


Matchmaking between academia and industry, industrial doctoral programs in collaboration with universities and competence centres, fostering cross-fertilization between academia and industry (Competence Booster). 


Development of new products, services, and/or industrial processes through measures designed and implemented to facilitate technology transfer from research to business (Innovation and Acceleration Booster). 


Involvement of local communities and stakeholders in an open dialogue on innovation, sustainability, and digitalization (Engagement Booster). 


Internationalization by strengthening relationships with research institutions and leading companies to explore and develop collaboration opportunities with other international innovation ecosystems (Engagement Booster).