Clone of Review of the goals and commitment to the area, Spoke 1 meeting adjourned

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Upcoming and current opportunities, Spoke 1 goals, research and innovation, resilience of existing supply chains, and support for business potential.

Spoke 1's 2024 begins with the assembly of Project Partners, an excellent opportunity to update priorities by looking at the needs of the ecosystem's industrial actors, relative to Aerospace and Sustainable mobility.

During the meeting, the progress and state of the art of the project, the results of past business funding initiatives and upcoming and current opportunities were reported, but most importantly, the future goals of Spoke 1 were reviewed and defined, particularly in regard of internationalization and business development.
The Spoke Partners defined a new schedule of activities useful for strengthening the fabric of the Ecosystem, with the link between research and innovation always at the center, for the resilience of existing supply chains, and support for the development of business potential.

In the next the upcoming NODES General Assembly, all Spokes will have an opportunity to exchange views to identify critical issues and solutions to be put in place to continue to contribute to the growth of an ever increasingly Digital and Sustainable Northwest.

The event was hosted by I3P on January 23, 2024