Success of participants for the course 'Plant Extracts and Health'!

Lezione estratti vegetali
Circular Economy: Opportunities for the Reuse of Viticulture By-Products

The 'Plant Extracts and Health' course, organized by Spoke 6 - Primary Agroindustry, and designed for professionals in primary agroindustry and related sectors, has successfully reached its maximum capacity with 25 participants. 


Coordinated by Prof. Daniela Rossi from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Pavia, the four training sessions provided a valuable opportunity to explore the intricate connections between plant extracts and their potential applications in the field of health. Three of these sessions took place online on February 2, February 3, and February 9, while the fourth was in person on February 10 at the Calatroni vinery in Montecalvo Versiggia, in the province of Pavia.


The in-person session at the Calatroni farm started at 9:30 AM, offering participants a unique chance to experience the authentic atmosphere of a working agricultural enterprise. The session included a guided tour led by Dr. Francesco Biale, an expert enologist from the company. Throughout the visit, advanced techniques employed in the winemaking process were explained, highlighting by-products derived from viticulture.

corso estratti vegetali

The visit stimulated in-depth discussion and exchange among participants. Sustainability and the valorization of waste materials emerged as central themes in a conversation that sparked the interest and enthusiasm of participants, reflecting the growing awareness of sustainable practices in the agricultural and food sectors


The organization of the course confirmed the intention to continue promoting similar initiatives, especially given the significant interest during the registration phase and to accommodate the requests of those who could not participate in this edition. This underscores the importance of combining theoretical knowledge with practical field experiences to promote sustainability and innovation in the sector.