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Aggregate Programming for the Internet of Things

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Ferruccio Damiani (Professore Ordinario), Giorgio Audrito (Ricercatore – RTD B), Gianluca Torta (Ricercatore – RU)
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Il corso sarà erogato in lingua inglese - seminars will be delivered in English.

Aggregate Programming is an innovative paradigm for programming resilient distributed applications for swarms of autonomous vehicles in the absence of global connectivity.

The course is created within the NODES Ecosystem, as part of the continuous effort to improve digital capabilities on the ground, following the latest developments for programming, participating in the creation of professionals with the best skills for the resilience and autonomy of future mobility.


Offering an introduction to aggregate programming, a recent paradigm that allows large-scale networks to be programmed in a simple manner, while providing strong guarantees on the resilience of the resulting behaviour in the event of changes and unreliability. This paradigm shifts the local viewpoint of individual device behaviour, to the global viewpoint of overall system behaviour.

This short course presents the aggregate programming paradigm, the distributed algorithms developed using this paradigm (with a focus on monitoring/coordinating the behaviour of swarms of autonomous vehicles) that have strong guarantees of resilience, and the toolkit (C++ library and simulator) that supports the development of software applications using this paradigm.


Fuculty / guest experts: the course is taught by the MoVeRe (System Modelling, Verification and Reuse) research group coordinator and two of its members. Also, a Research Manager from one of the local companies that are contributing to the development of the paradigm is scheduled to speak.


immagine unito formazione programmazione

Organised by: Department of Computer Science, University of Turin
Language: English 
Course delivery: In presence (recommended) and remotely
Where: Department of Computer Science, University of Turin
When: April-June 2024, on Friday afternoons
Ideal canditate: Software developers
Duration: 24 hours, 6 appointments of 4 hours each
Registration fee: 520€

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