The flagship project FORMIDABILÆ

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The flagship project FORMIDABILÆ aims to improve the sustainability, circularity, and resilience of the agro-livestock system
Spoke 6's flagship project FORMIDABILÆ

The agro-industrial sector is undergoing a huge transformation due to globalization, the increasing global population, and climate change. This transformation requires significant investments in innovation, digitalization, and the development of new technologies. 


Moreover, in the European Union, the transition towards a more circular economy is crucial to achieving the sustainability goals of the Green Deal, and agriculture is a critical sector in this transition. The flagship project FORMIDABILÆ consists of five research modules aimed at improving the sustainability, circularity, and resilience of the agro-livestock system. The primary objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in this sector. The research modules will focus on agricultural production, maize, livestock optimization, climate effects on herds, and the use of precision farming techniques. 


The project involves a multidisciplinary team of engineers, agronomists, botanists, biologists, and animal scientists coordinated by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, along with the University of Pavia, the University of Turin, the University of Sassari, and the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change. The project will promote targeted approaches to improve smart, resilient, circular, and diversified farming in the agro-livestock sector. This ensures food security and the socio-economic sustainability of dairy and dairy-based food chains in a 4.0 and farm-to-fork perspective.