Student Challenge for the Primary Agri-food Industry: Spoke 6 Announces Winners and Marketing Challenges

Student challenge SPoke 6 (II)
Students at work on Spoke 6 challenges

In the recent edition of the first Student Challenge for the Primary Agri-food Industry promoted by Spoke 6 "Primary Agri-food Industry," three companies stood out as proposers of innovation and digitization challenges. The winners are two wine companies from Oltrepò Pavese, Rossetti&Scrivani and Calatroni, along with Ape dei Monti, a honey industry company.


Students from the Advanced Digital Marketing course in the Digital Communication program of the University of Pavia, coordinated by Professor Elisa Conz, will respond to the marketing challenges proposed by the three companies. These challenges include rebranding and positioning for Rossetti&Scrivani, developing a new product offering for Ape dei Monti, and revising the communication proposal for Calatroni. 


The challenge will involve students in creating digital marketing plans to improve brand awareness, engagement, and conversions at national and international levels. Students will also need to consider how companies currently use or intend to use digital communication tools to promote their history, sustainability, and product quality, highlighting cultural identity, innovation, and sustainability. 


This initiative not only provides students with the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice in real-world contexts but also promotes collaboration between the academic and entrepreneurial worlds, encouraging innovation and the development of creative solutions. The Challenge promises to be a formative and rewarding experience for all participants.


For more information on the challenge, the proposed challenges, and the winners, please visit the page for the official call.