Spoke 6 presents the first student challenge!

digital marketing spoke 6
Students test their digital marketing skils

Spoke 6 "Primary Agroindustry," has officially kicked-off the first student challenge, providing businesses with the unique opportunity to present innovation and digitalization challenges to digital marketing students of the University of Pavia. 


This challenge, tailored for Business to Consumer (B2C) proposers within the primary agroindustry sector, will actively involve students in crafting digital marketing plans. The primary objective is to build brand awareness and engagement, with a focus on both national and international competitiveness. 


Proposals should articulate how the firm is currently adopting or plans to leverage digital communication tools. This includes strategies for promoting the company's history, sustainability efforts, and product quality, emphasising cultural identity, innovation, and sustainability practices.


This initiative allows students to test their theoretical knowledge in practical, real-world contexts and fosters collaboration between academia and the entrepreneurial sphere. By encouraging innovation and developing creative solutions, the Challenge aims to deliver an enriching experience for all participants. 


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