Presentation of cascade funding calls for businesses in Pavia on April 19, 2023.

Spoke 6 evento 19 aprile (1)
The cascade funding calls for businesses and the local community of Spoke 6 presented in Pavia
NODES Spoke 6: Presentation of Cascade Funding Calls for Local Businesses

On April 19, 2023, the University of Pavia hosted the presentation of cascade funding calls for local businesses as part of the activities of Spoke 6 "Primary Agro-industry" within the three-year project "NODES". The event took place at the Aula Disegno, with an impressive turnout of over 100 attendees, including 57 representatives from businesses, 46 researchers, 10 territorial entities, and 4 industry associations


The proceedings started with an opening address by Francesco Svelto, the Rector of the University of Pavia, who highlighted the pivotal role of NODES in creating value within the region by fostering the development of research and industrial supply chains in the Primary Agro-industry sector. 


This was followed by insightful presentations from key speakers, including Chiara Ferroni, General Director of Nodes, Hermes Giberti (University of Pavia), Coordinator of Spoke 6 and Delegate of the Rector for Technology Transfer, Paolo Gay (University of Turin), Scientific Referent for the project, and Lucia Marazzi, Deputy Manager of Spoke 6 and responsible for Third Mission Services at the University of Pavia. The event concluded with Roberto Strocco (Unioncamere Piemonte) providing detailed information on the application process for funding through the Telemaco platform.   


The presentation aimed to not only inform but also inspire local businesses to participate in the cascade funding calls, fostering collaboration between academia and industry and driving innovation in the Primary Agro-industry sector. 


For information about the funding calls and participation guidelines, please refer to the section on the website