A great kick off for the Spoke 6 Assembly

spoke 6 assembly
Focus on Internationalization and Industrial Development

Tuesday, January 23rd, the University of Pavia successfully hosted the Assembly of Spoke 6 in an online format. The event saw significant participation, with 66 researchers involved in the flagship projects Vino and Formidabilae. 


The meeting kicked off with a general presentation that delved into the structure and progress of Spoke 6's work. Following this initial overview, participants actively engaged in two thematic working groups. 


The first group, dedicated to Internationalization, involved 27 participants. Discussions covered crucial topics related to the international projection of the flagship projects, highlighting the importance of collaborations and synergies on a global scale. 


The second group, focused on Industrial Development, gathered 34 participants, including the 5 Industrial PhD students associated with Spoke 6 and the awardees of academic POCs. Conversations focused on industrial development strategies, innovations, and synergies between the academic and industrial worlds. 


The Spoke 6 Assembly proved to be a crucial opportunity to strengthen collaboration among researchers, promote internationalization, and foster industrial development. The enthusiasm generated during the event anticipates new advancements and successes for the flagship projects Vino and Formidabilae in the landscape of university research.