Cascade funding calls
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Cascade call LINE A – Spoke 4 - 2nd cutoff

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Opening date of the call
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Support for industrial research and experimental development projects

The project proposals submitted by companies must be consistent with the research and innovation themes of the Spoke and with the smart specialization strategy (S3) of the involved regions. The overall financial allocation is 2,200,000 €, funded by NODES PNRR.


Who can participate

Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) can apply individually or collaboratively with other companies, while Large Enterprises (LEs) can only apply collaboratively. Economic and financial sustainability: economic and equity requirements, as well as financial sustainability based on the latest closed and approved financial statements, will be verified.

Eligibile initiatives

The proposed projects must have a budget ranging from 100,000 euros (300,000 if a Large Enterprise is involved) to 600,000 euros, a maximum duration of 18 months, and be implemented in the NODES Ecosystem territory - including the Piedmont Region, the Aosta Valley Region, and the provinces of Como, Pavia, and Varese.


Non-repayable grants will be provided, and the maximum intensity on project expenses is calculated based on the company's size, business scope, and whether the project is submitted collaboratively.



The project proposals should address the research and innovation themes proposed by Spoke 4, namely supporting activities in the remote working sector, managing energy and water resources and infrastructure in mountainous environments, and participating in the regeneration of mountain territories in the fields of tourism, environmental protection, climate risk management, the wood supply chain, transportation, and education.




Applications for funding can be submitted from September 1, 2023. The second submission window will close on October 31, 2023, after which the evaluation process will be initiated. This is a ranked call.

The call will be managed in collaboration with Unioncamere Piemonte. Each company can submit up to 1 application under the cascade call – Line A of a specific Spoke.

Presentation mode

The call will be managed in collaboration with Unioncamere Piemonte, and funding applications must be submitted on the platform: 



Graduatoria II Cut Off- Linea A+B - Spoke 4
Rectifications and deadline extension - May 17, 2023
Attachments LINE A - 2nd window
Call LINE A - Spoke 4