ROUND TABLE Tourism Italy China: inbound and outbound recovery prospects A meeting between institutions and operators

Tavola Rotonda UPO Turismo Italia Cina: prospettive di ripresa in entrata e uscita

On Monday 18 March 2024, the Department of Law and Political, Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Eastern Piedmont, partner of Spoke 3 - Tourism and Culture Industry, hosted the round table "Italy China Tourism: prospects for incoming recovery" in Alessandria and exit. A meeting between institutions and operators", jointly organized by the Master in Economy, innovation, communication and hospitality for the tourism enterprise directed by Professor Marco Novarese, the Italian-Chinese New Generation Association (ANGI), the City of Alessandria , the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE) and sponsored by the CRA Foundation, the SolidAL Foundation and the Province of Alessandria.

The meeting was conceived with the aim of supporting and encouraging tourist exchanges between Italy and China, in the year in which, albeit for a few months, it is possible to arrive in China from Italy without requiring a visa.

The round table was moderated by Cheng Ming of ANGI and saw the participation of the directors of the Alessandria UPO departments Giorgio Barberis (DIGSPES) and Guido Lingua (DISIT), the Mayor of Alessandria Giorgio Abonante, the Chinese Consul General Liu Kan, the Regional Councilor for Tourism Vittoria Poggio, the president of the Slala Foundation Cesare Rossini and the president of IUSE Piercarlo Rossi.

It was Professor Novarese himself, on the sidelines of the meeting, who explained its meaning and purpose: «For several years I have been talking with Cheng Ming of the Angi association, which works to seek integration and mutual knowledge; I believe it is right as a teacher to contribute to these objectives and it is a way to learn and understand. As director of the Master's degree on tourism, I believe it is natural to delve deeper into this topic. From an educational point of view, learning to host people with unusual needs is a training ground for understanding the very concept of hospitality."

«There is a curiosity for some characteristics of this province and for Italy in general; we also discussed training and there are many other possible spaces for dialogue, on an economic and social level. Let's keep in mind that Chinese tourism has changed post-Covid: according to research by Enit, Chinese tourists travel in smaller groups, have an interest in nature, views, authenticity and getting in touch with Italians. You need to know how to build and adapt products, with the right skills and with attention to quality. The province and Piedmont in general offer many possibilities with respect to what has been said; compared to areas with an older and stronger tourist vocation there is much more authenticity. The round table aims to be first of all a moment to meet and get to know each other in person, an essential moment to imagine activities and collaborations."

Locandina Tavola rotonda UPO Turismo Italia Cina: prospettive di ripresa in entrata e uscita